14 how to make supercharger whine louder Quick Guide

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how to make supercharger whine louder
14 how to make supercharger whine louder Quick Guide

Local man’s device supercharges sports car sound [1]

SINCLAIR, Maine — Car fanatics can be an odd breed, with some people attracted to the fast speed or the classic lines of a 1970s muscle car. Many enthusiasts also enjoy the rumble of a powerful engine, with dual exhausts growling.
Shawn Foster has modified more than one of his sports cars with superchargers, and he too was looking for a way to increase its distinctive sound.. “The internet forums are full of people saying their whine is not loud enough,” he said Thursday while at his family’s camp in Sinclair.
Turning at several thousand revolutions per minute, those rotors create the distinctive whine.. As opposed to the steady rumble of the motor, the powerful supercharger whistle is only heard when the throttle is opened up and the RPMs increase

Hellcat: Dodge Challenger and Charger [2]

The Dodge SRT Hellcat models are automotive icons for many enthusiasts regardless of their preferred vehicle type. The sheer power and distinctive whine generated by the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine are something to behold
More trim levels have been introduced in the years since, raising the power output as high as 840 hp/707 lb-ft. Redeye Challenger and Charger models push the speedometer to 203 mph, a speed on par with supercars.
The Hellcat name comes from a World War II fighter plane named the Grumman F6F Hellcat, which featured an IHI supercharger. It just so happens that the Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenger and Charger models also get power from an IHI supercharger, which produces a distinctive whine

Here’s How to Choose Between Superchargers [3]

The core idea of a supercharger is simple: it makes intake air more dense, allowing more air in a small space and, therefore, more fuel. But the reality isn’t that clean: there are a lot of different, complicated ways to do that job
For both a roots and a twin-screw supercharger, the layout is easy to understand and mostly the same for both. Air comes in through the intake, passes through the throttle body, and then into the belt-driven supercharger
The biggest difference, though, is what’s going on inside the supercharger itself. Though only one has “twin” in the name, both styles involve two rotors

How Can I Increase My Supercharger Whine? [4]

Coffee? Why need caffeine first thing in the morning when there are more effective ways to get yourself up from slumber? For the gearheads, the greatest way to wake up is with a loud engine noise that gets you to look forward to the day, the one that gets you up and going with purpose. If the sound of a roaring engine is enough to open your eyes, the supercharger whine can give that additional tingling to the tips of your hairs on the back of your neck.
Got a Mazda Miata? Its “whirr” adds to the excitement of the upshifts. Got a simple V6 sedan? It’s incredible how better things are when the gearbox downshifts to second, and the supercharger comes to life
The whine of a supercharger or blower is devilishly enticing, and many of us just can’t get enough whining. Since the origins of positive displacement PD blowers on classic muscle cars, supercharger whine has indeed been famous

How to make supercharger whine louder? [5]

Hey guys, I just bought a 2005 cobalt ss a few months ago and was wondering how to make the supercharger whine louder. I saw a ss last night at a car show and when he left the supercharger sounded pretty sweet
I race a 9 second vette at the strip but its a carb setup so going from that to this is foreign to me. I dont want to go too crazy with this car because it is my daily driver but if there is a simple mod I can do that makes the car whine I would love to do it
Please note that most intakes will cause the system to throw a code and will need for it to be deleted by someone that has hptuners or else it will keep throwing the code.. Get a 3″ intake from zzperformance.com they have the best true 3″ intake on the market for the price right now im my opinion

how do i make my supercharger whine louder [6]

David Neibert said:Remove the air silencer…to make it even louder install a cold air intake that uses a metal intake tube.. Mandrel bent polished aluminum.It also comes with a cone filter.You can see a pic of it on my member page.You may need to purchase additional silicone 3″ couplings
Now i have another elbow that puts the filter down in the fenderwell. You can hear the intake whining under light acceleration under no boost
You’ll have to search on those last 2 options cause everyone has an opinion and I don’t want to hear it You can decide for yourself what you want to do. PM me if ya have any questions.novaspyder said:why does the metal tube make it louder? Im having trouble also trying to find anywhere that sells CAI’s for supercoupes..

I found the cheapest way to increase supercharger whine [7]

I found the cheapest way to increase supercharger whine. I found the cheapest way to increase supercharger whine
removing the under hood carpet also helps if you like the whine. removing the under hood carpet also helps if you like the whine
Remove the weatherstripping around the hood and increase it for free…as well as the shield under the hood vents. I tracked mine and loved the sound, it also helped vent hot air out from the engine bay

Dive into anything [8]

Why do Demon/Hellcat superchargers whine so loud and beautifully when you can barely hear the supercharger in many other supercharged cars?. I’ve always wondered this, what makes the dodge supercharged cars sound heavenly but not others? I know the other cars also have a whine, but it’s never as loud and clear and heard from far away as the hellcats.
He said they could’ve made it quieter but knew their target demographic would prefer a loud whine.. This is what my B8.5 S4 sounds like on the track with a APR Stage 2+ tune, RocEuro Intake and AWE Exhaust
You could literally hear it from a qaurter mile away it was so loud

Increase supercharger whine inside the cabin. [9]

Just wanted to share a supercharger whine mod I found. I like that you can adjust the volume by adding or removing layers around the end of the sound tube
The following 5 users liked this post by sparayno1:. Borbor (02-02-2021), BruceTheQuail (01-25-2021), djyankees31 (01-25-2021), schuss (02-01-2021), Sparky H (01-26-2021)
I like that you can adjust the volume by adding or removing layers around the end of the sound tube. It’s also cheaper than the Mina Gallery Intake and they ship quickly.

How And Why Jaguar Turned Down Its Supercharger Whine [10]

How And Why Jaguar Turned Down Its Supercharger Whine. Based on customer feedback, Jaguar further insulated the superchargers on its V6 and V8s and decided against bringing back more whine for the 2020MY F-Type
We’re not talking about the switch to new exhaust systems with petrol particulate filters – no, we’re on about the superchargers.. In the F-Type, the whine from the superchargers used on the V8 and the recently discontinued V6 has noticeably reduced in volume
The superchargers themselves haven’t been changed; rather the insulation. “The engine cover and the sealing at the end of the bonnet [were altered] – that was the main input to reduce the whine,” Dube said.

Why Do Superchargers Whine? [11]

Have you ever been driving down the street and heard a weird whining sound coming from the car in front of you? Chances are, that car has a supercharger. What is a supercharger, and why does it make that noise? In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of how a supercharger works and what can cause it to whine.
A supercharger is a device that increases the amount of air entering the engine. This gives the engine more oxygen to work with, which in turn allows it to produce more power.
They can also help improve fuel economy by making the car run more efficiently. Superchargers are usually mounted on top of the engine, and they can be either Roots-type or centrifugal-type.

Supercharger noise level [12]

Picked up my S4 couple of weeks ago and I’ve been looking at some of the mods you guys have been up to.. I know from videos and searching this forum that the intake mod would result in increased noise from the SC
I read this sentence from the 3.0T self-study manual listing the cons of a SC system and it sort of scared me from messing with the stock intake -. “Higher susceptibility to ingress of foreign matter into the fi ltered air tract”
Has anyone attempted to remove any of these to see how it affects the sound?. I know from videos and searching this forum that the intake mod would result in increased noise from the SC

Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion [13]

Realllly want to hear that supercharger whine however which unfortunately it doesn’t have. How can I get this without breaking the bank? My car is stock and at this point under a warranty / don’t rlly wanna mod it crazy right now
The Nitrous Express lid is about the only thing that really makes it louder without overspinning it. Remove the L shaped plastic cover just right of the intake air box (cover for the headlight adjustment bolt)
Realllly want to hear that supercharger whine however which unfortunately it doesn’t have. How can I get this without breaking the bank? My car is stock and at this point under a warranty / don’t rlly wanna mod it crazy right now

Supercharger whine [14]

My two bits, and that is all it is – – – it is possible to do too much with the whine if one is not careful. I agree that open filter element and metal tube will produce the most audible whine
The single most important factor in being able to hear the supercharger is replacing the stock throttle body to filter tube with anything else. The stock tube has a built in resonator chamber that cancels out all or most of the sound
Reinforced silicone does have the advantage of being both stiff, resisting collapse under maximum boost draw, and having some insulation effect from heat transfer from the hot engine compartment. Metal tubes will get hot quickly and have an effect (perhaps subtle but still present) on the temperature of the air entering the throttle body.

How To Make Your Supercharger Whine Louder!

How To Make Your Supercharger Whine Louder!
How To Make Your Supercharger Whine Louder!

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