15 how to shoot nba 2k17 Quick Guide

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how to shoot nba 2k17
15 how to shoot nba 2k17 Quick Guide

NBA 2K17: How to Shoot Perfect Two and Three Pointers [1]

NBA 2K17: How to Shoot Perfect Two and Three Pointers. NBA 2K17 once again brings on the court action where you’re going to want to get as many points as possible against your opponents
Depending on whether you’re playing on Xbox One or PS4, you’re going to be using X or Square to make your shots. You’re going to want to consider your character’s stats (which you chose at the beginning of the game) for two pointers, lay ups, free throws, and three pointers
Once you’re in position and don’t have anyone defending you well enough so that there’s resistance or a possible steal/block, it’s time to attempt the shot.. Hold down X or Square and you’ll see a meter below your character’s stamina begin to fill up

NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Shoot Two, Three Pointers Perfectly [2]

NBA 2K17 might be as simple as putting the ball into the hoop. However, doing so isn’t as easy as counting one to three
Well, worry not — here’s a guide that’ll help you do just that.. Just below the NBA 2K17 player, a white line on the shot meter can be observed
While it holds true that the shot meter can be a helpful tool, it isn’t that accurate most of the time. Hence, as much as possible, it’s better to look at the way the character jumps and puts the ball

NBA 2K17 Help [3]

Built completely from the ground up for the Xbox One, NBA 2K17 employs the latest in technology to deliver the most sophisticated basketball experience ever made.. This guide will provide you with a full listing of the Controls available in-game, along with Support information, should you encounter any issues during your experience.
Hop Gather: Presswhile driving (determines direction of hop). Spin Gather: + Double tap while standing or driving
Normal Layup: Move and holdtoward hoop while driving ( direction determines finish hand). Reverse Layup: Move and holdtoward baseline (while driving baseline)

how to shoot in nba 2k17 ps4? [4]

– To shoot in NBA 2K17 on PS4, hold down the R2 button and then press the X button to shoot.. – You can also use the left analog stick to adjust your shot.
NBA 2k20 SHOOTING TUTORIAL (SHOOTING TIPS & TRICKS) GREEN BAR READY. To shoot in NBA on PS4, you must first select your player
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the button you use to shoot in 2K may vary depending on the camera model you are using. However, most 2K shooting buttons can be found near the shutter release button on the camera body.

3PTS shooting as Athletic Finisher Center :: NBA 2K17 일반 토론 [5]

简体中文 (중국어 간체) 繁體中文 (중국어 번체) 日本語 (일본어) ไทย (태국어) Български (불가리아어) Čeština (체코어) Dansk (덴마크어) Deutsch (독일어) English (영어) Español – España (스페인어 – 스페인) Español – Latinoamérica (스페인어 – 중남미) Ελληνικά (그리스어) Français (프랑스어) Italiano (이탈리아어) Magyar (헝가리어) Nederlands (네덜란드어) Norsk (노르웨이어) Polski (폴란드어) Português (포르투갈어 – 포르투갈) Português – Brasil (포르투갈어 – 브라질) Română (루마니아어) Русский (러시아어) Suomi (핀란드어) Svenska (스웨덴어) Türkçe (튀르키예어) Tiếng Việt (베트남어) Українська (우크라이나어) 번역 관련 문제 보고. That’s good to know for limitless range I’ll try it out with attribute boosts
You might notice if you ever make a contested long 2 just a foot or two from the line, both Deep and Midrange Deadeye cards activate.. Whenever you take a jumpshot that is at least slightly contested
i’ve played a tall and small shotcreator for longer periods of time and can tell you right now that corner 3s with bronze badges have been more reliable for me than off dribble shots from the top. so personally i would always advise against making them a go-to move unless you’re either a shotcreator or slasher.

nba 2k17 guide tips: how to shoot and get perfect a+ [6]

nba 2k17 guide tips: how to shoot and get perfect a+. how to shoot nba 2k17 now i know you guys know how to shoot the ball ? so don’t worry i’m not gonna be telling you how to hit the expo under the square but should the bomb gonna be telling you guys how you can make the most of your shots consistently online whether you’re playing in a one-on-one game weather playing in the park whether you’re playing in the pro-am stage doesn’t matter any game mode the supplies to am going to show you how to get more greens make your shots more consistently and could be showing you the difference between a good look at a bad look i’m gonna show you what types of shots going more than others so the first thing you want to do is for practicing jumpers whether you’re in freestyle mode practicing withe the team or you’re in my career you want to make sure you have your difficulty are hosting your game style which is your slider sound simulation and say your shot meter to feedback only or off i highly recommend.
shooting threes off the dribble this your guys you’re not gonna get really any greens whatsoever even spotted three you’re not going to get really any greens and you get most you’re going from injury and as you saw i just missed a couple shots there those shots are gonna see me miss pretty much the whole video i get mostly greens and i don’t get a green i’m gonna knock it down but we’re gonna notices is getting a green it’s right on the line and i’m knocking it down and it’s off the dribble so this year guys made ranges off the dribble and spotting up our money doesn’t matter what difficulty what slider say lran .. if you want to buy players but don’t have enough coins, you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins on buynba2kmt.com and get 5% off by using coupon code “2k17”.
– NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves 6’5-6’9 – Fastest Dribble Moves & Animations In 2K23 Season 5. – NBA 2K23 Season 5 Locker Codes 2023 – 8 MyTEAM & MyCAREER Locker Codes & How To Redeem In 2K23

NBA 2K17 Controls List [7]

NBA 2K17 Controls are a bit much to handle at times. There are specific commands for all kinds of passes, plays, different shooting tactics and a bunch of advanced moves, both in defense and offense.
In this guide, we’re going to show you a NBA 2K17 button layout and control scheme.. |Dribble moves, shooting & passing aim||Right stick||Right stick|
|Hop gather||Press Square while driving (left stick determines direction)||Press X while driving (left stick determines direction)|. |Spin gather||Press R2 and double tap Square while driving||Press RT and double tap X while driving|

NBA 2K17 Top 10 Worst Shot Releases! [8]

We’ve showed you our players with the Top 10 shots releases, and we even showed you the commentators top 10 shot releases. Now we’re bringing you our players with the Top 10 Worst shot releases in NBA 2K17.
I really didn’t know his release point, and I think I let it go at a different point every time, but it went in…a lot.. Despite his body looking like he struggles to lift off the ground and his arms barely moving to release the ball, I was pretty much balling with him using smoke and mirrors.
If you’ve never seen him shoot before it looks like he’s about to jump smooth into the air, but then he’s like nah bruh and gets about two inches of hangtime. Throwing your timing all off, and you don’t even have a good look at the ball until he about at the top of his already limited jump

How To Nba 2K17 For Free [9]

Simply said, you need to press and hold the shootting button, when the player whom you control jumps to the highest point, you just release the button and wait the ball falling into the basket.. But in practise, the time of release is the key to keep the stable and good shotting percentage.
A good general rule is to take the shot at the peak of the jump.. Also you may want to turn on shot feedback (game settings presentation) to get a general idea of what release timing constitutes a good shot, excellent shot, poor shot, etc.
Always strive to get good looks of the basket where the defender isnt close enough to heavily contest the shot.. It doesnt take many preparation or fancy moves, no matter with catch and shoot or fixed point shoot.


The gameplay in NBA 2K22 has received fine-tuning and enhancements that will improve your overall experience on the court, especially when it comes to getting buckets. NBA 2K22 Gameplay Director Mike Wang and his team have worked tirelessly to refine the shooting mechanics in-game and how you can best create a quality shot, even with a defender closing out
With Mike’s guidance, you’ll be hitting clutch threes and sinking high-arcing shots before you know it!. Even with a few adjustments here and there, the basics of shooting haven’t changed in NBA 2K22
In years past, shot selection mattered, but it’s crucial to your success in NBA 2K22. We believe you should be rewarded for applying your high basketball IQ during a game and understanding how to use screens and dribbling to create open looks.

‘NBA 2K17’ Videos: 10 amazing trick shots at MyPARK [11]

‘NBA 2K17’ Videos: 10 amazing trick shots at MyPARK. This is a video for all NBA 2K17 fans, even the ones like myself, who don’t normally enjoy MyPARK.
If you’re not a sim-gamer, chances are you enjoy playing MyPARK more than Pro-Am, MyGM, MyLeague and even MyTeam.. In any case, ShakeDown2012’s “Top-10 Trick Shots” video is one of those things you simply can’t turn away from until it’s over
It was just 10 on the countdown, but LeBron James’ shot from his butt had me perplexed. Was it more insane that he made the shot, or, that whomever the guy was playing against allowed him to do it?

‘NBA 2K17’ shooting update news: 2K Games to make shooting easier for good shooters [12]

‘NBA 2K17’ shooting update news: 2K Games to make shooting easier for good shooters. 2K Games drops a new update that will set a distinction between the good and bad shooters in “NBA 2K17.”
The shooting update was confirmed by “NBA 2K” gameplay director Mike Wang through a series of Twitter posts.. Based on Wang’s post, the changes brought by the shooting update are simple
But if they are not considered good shooters in the first place, it would be harder for them to shoot.. Wang also revealed that determining who among the players will get a shooting ability boost will not be complicated, since those who already possess a shooting rating close to 99 will bet the bigger boost

‘NBA 2K17’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Be Consistent 3-Point Monster Shooter! [13]

Playing “NBA 2K17” or any basketball video game in general can be a bummer if you are not making any shots. Now with “NBA 2K17” developers admitting that the shot meter is not always 100% accurate, what are the best ways to improve your 3-point shooting?
Just like in real life, you will need to pick a shot form that suits you to get that perfect shot, in “NBA 2K17” there a lot of shooting forms to choose from. You can pick either from Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, the list goes on and on
In “NBA 2K17” just below you player, you will be able to observe a white line on the shot meter. While you are shooting as the closer it is, the better are the chances of your shot finding the hole.

nba 2k22 shooting – NBA 2K UPDATES [14]

Want to learn how to get greens and be a lights-out shooter in NBA 2K22? Here’s an NBA 2K22 Shooting Guide to help you knock down shots more consistently no matter your position, and you can start using right away to go from a brick master or average shooter to a walking bucket.. First, the easiest way to shoot is by using the shooting button on your controller instead of the Pro Stick
If you’re a new player, we recommend trying out Button shooting for the first little while, as it’ll offer you a more significant margin of success than Pro Stick shooting, but veteran players of the 2K series should use the Pro Stick method instead.. Let’s take a look at some of the best shooting animations you can use in the game:
We’re going to run over some of the best shooting badges down below:. These will increase the shooting gauge in sure regard and allow you to have increased shooting metrics from certain parts of the court.

Review: NBA 2K17 [15]

Games de esporte são interessantes, porque exigem uma certa simpatia pelo esporte da vida real. Não conheço ninguém que curta jogar FIFA ou PES e não adore bater uma bola ou acompanhe campeonatos
Isso acontece porque a série NBA 2K sabe recriar um esporte com a perfeição que os jogadores de hoje exigem, mas com a acessibilidade que a permite que qualquer pegue o jogo e se vicie na hora.. It’s all about options and NBA 2K17 provides plenty of them.
I’m not in love with the grind of MyCareer mode, but the amount of options at my disposal in MyGM means I don’t care if I spend one more minute in MyCareer. On the court, some smart new tweaks let you get an extra boost to the accuracy of your jump shots by pulling straight down on the right stick, but you can also just press the “shoot” button if that doesn’t feel comfortable



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