18 how to clean sophie le giraffe Advanced Guide

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how to clean sophie le giraffe
18 how to clean sophie le giraffe Advanced Guide

Sophie the Giraffe® UK [1]

In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilising Sophie la girafe.. Known sterilisation methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilising solution (boiling water or water with a sterilisation tablet) that could damage it.
Should water enters the product, there is a risk of damage to the whistle and the product itself.. For bath time, we offer other toys (made of natural rubber or plastic), that are specially designed to entertain your baby in the water.
However, as with any hollow-bodied product, water entering it and remaining stagnant can transform into mould.. We kindly remind you that if the cleaning and usage instructions are observed, there is no reason for water to penetrate inside the product.

Care [2]

Under normal use of Sophie la girafe and in accordance with packaging instructions, cleaning the toy’s surface using a cloth moistened with soapy water is all that is needed. Please note that the toy’s whistle leaves a hole on the surface
For this same reason, it is important to refrain from rinsing or submerging Sophie la girafe and from placing the toy in the dishwasher.. If required, it is possible to spend more time scrubbing with your cloth moistened with soapy water
To see a visual explanation of the cleaning instructions for Sophie la girafe, please watch our video:

Taking care of your Sophie la girafe [3]

Sophie la girafe is made from 100% natural rubber and decorated with food paint. As such, Sophie needs just a little more care than usual plastic toys.
There’s a little hole at the back of Sophie la girafe where the squeaker is, and you must ensure that water does not enter this little hole during cleaning.. As such, it is important to refrain from rinsing or submerging Sophie la girafe and from placing the toy in the dishwasher.
In fact, the longer the time spent scrubbing the product with soap, the more effective the cleaning.. To see a visual explanation of the cleaning instructions for Sophie la girafe, please watch our video:

This Is How You’re Supposed To Clean Sophie The Giraffe [4]

This Is How You’re Supposed To Clean Sophie The Giraffe. If you haven’t already hacked your poor Sophie the Giraffe to pieces looking for traces of mould, the makers of this popular teether have released a handy cleaning guide to keep her fresh and clean!
The concern was that drool from baby’s mouths was making its way into the toy and creating a moisture-filled environment.. Even Lara Worthington weighed in on the controversy, claiming bath toys with holes in them aren’t safe.
However, the company did remind parents that the teethers shouldn’t be submerged in water.. Vulli has now released a visual guide to help parents keep their Sophie the Giraffe in tip top shape – with a reminder not to soak, sterilise or boil the teether.

sophie-la-girafe [5]

Why is Sophie so popular? We believe that she is so popular due to her many special features, designed to intrigue your baby. Sophie has been carefully designed to stimulate all of your babies developing senses; touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell
This not only provides visual stimulation for your baby but also makes Sophie the Giraffe recognizable bysight as a comfortingly, familiar object. Because Sophie la girafe is made out of all natural plant-based latex and hand-painted with natural food paint, she is safe for your baby to taste and chew on
The nobbly ears and horns are great for soothing your baby’s aching gums. They are nice and soft and therefore safe for your baby

How to Take Care of Sophie the Giraffe [6]

Sophie la girafe is composed of 100% natural rubber, so the cleaning instructions should be carefully followed. As indicated on the packaging and inside the packaging, it is recommended to clean the surface of Sophie la girafe with a damp cloth
See below for more cleaning instructions and advice:. BUY Sophie the Giraffe SoPure Teething ring – $21.95

Don’t Panic Over That Sophie the Giraffe Mold [7]

Sophie the Giraffe is becoming an endangered species.. An article published this week by Good Housekeeping shared reports (and gnarly pictures) from parents of discoveries of mold inside the popular teething toy.
While parents are doing a bit of grisly investigating, it seems that not every used Sophie toy has collected mold:. Some moms, like Jenn Morson Frederick, whose two-year old teethes on a Sophie doll, is fine not knowing — so long as there aren’t any red flags.
“[Our] Sophie the Giraffe smells lovely, so I am going to hope that she is still mold-free. Perhaps if I had a spare fresh one, I would [cut open] this one,” Frederick said, alluding to a noteworthy fact: Sophie, whose proper name is Sophie La Girafe, isn’t cheap.

Sophie la girafe – Fanfan the fawn | Ziloen [8]

Fanfan the fawn, from the makers of Sophie la girafe. Fanfan the fawn is a perfect first toy for your little one which will stimulate each of the five senses
The subtle squeak Fanfan makes when squeezed stimulates the hearing sense and as soon as your little one starts teething, the little ears and long legs of Fanfan will provide a soothing effect by chewing on them. Fanfan the fawn is made of natural rubber and is free from harmful substances such as silicones and chemical plasticizers (BPA and phtahalate free).
We advise not to clean Fanfan under running tap water or to take her along while bathing, as this can irreparably damage Fanfan’s little squeak. Cleaning: clean with a damp cloth (do not sterilize!)

Moldy Sophie? Keep Calm and Clean On, Advises Experts [9]

Sophie the Giraffe, an ever-popular children’s teething toy is under the hot seat this week as curious parents cut open the toy to discovered swaths of black mold inside the toy. What are worried parents to do? Fortunately, health experts say to keep calm and clean on.
But a few weeks ago, Dana Chianese, a pediatric dentist, was cleaning Sophie for her two sons when she noticed a strange odor coming from a hole in the toy. “I decided to cut into Sophie out of curiosity and discovered a science experiment living inside,” said Chianese to Goodhousekeeping.com
Chianese’s discovery went viral, as concerned parents everywhere wondered what was growing inside their child’s Sophie.. But the situation may look worse than it really is, according to health experts

Vulli Customers Service [10]

In general, we recommend that you refer to the directions for use detailed on the packaging of our products, and above all to not hesitate to ask for advices from your retailer.. Natural rubber products, as the name suggests, are made from natural materials
Furthermore, this material is living and evolving with time. It thus can be affected by different factors such as temperature and humidity
Regarding products care, we recommend that you use a soft cloth dampened in water to wash them, which is also stated on the product packaging. We do not recommend immersing it in the water as the product may become damaged.

Sophie la girafe® Care & Info [11]

To “decorate” her, we use a paint composed of 100% natural rubber that is mixed with natural pigments.. Natural Rubber is an elastic substance obtained from the latex sap of trees, especially those trees which belong to the genera Hevea and Ficus
Natural rubber is one of the types of rubber that also include vulcanized rubber which is finished into a variety of rubber products. Natural rubber is also known by the names of India rubber, gum elastic, and caoutchouc.
Just like coffee, several varieties of natural rubber exist, each having different properties.. In the interest of quality and safety, the rubber variety we have selected meets very strict mechanical and chemical requirements

Amazon.com [12]

Vulli – MII – Sophie la Girafe 2-in-1 Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush. Vulli, a Rumilly-based company, established in 1945 in France, boasts a great team who, over the past few decades, has been striving to instil our brands and products in the memories of millions of children and families around the world
The VULLI team is driven, dynamic and young at heart, yet also has ambitious goals and well-established values. Over time and as our company has developed, we have learned that it is equally important to maintain a welcoming environment
2 in 1 Bottle And Nipple Brush Is Sized To Thoroughly Clean The Uniquely Designed Mii Sophie la giraffe Bottles and Nipples. Nipple Brush Hides Conveniently inside Brush Handle.BPA Free

Sophie la Girafe – Original Rubber Giraffe Teether [13]

Sophie la Girafe Original Natural Rubber Giraffe Teether. Sophie la Girafe is the perfect teether for little ones during their teething journey
Made from 100% natural rubber and food-grade paint, Sophie is safe and gentle for baby’s sensitive skin. The soft and soothing texture of Sophie provides the ideal surface for baby’s sore gums, providing instant relief during teething
With a darling Giraffe design, Sophie will quickly become a favorite toy for your little one. Simply clean Sophie’s surface with a clean, damp cloth, and avoid submerging her in water or sterilizing

Sophie la girafe Indonesia [14]

Sophie la girafe is made from 100% natural rubber, and decorated with food quality paint.. 100% natural rubber, a pure, living material, is the very essence of a commitment to quality
In the interest of quality and safety, the rubber variety we use meets very strict mechanical and chemical requirements. It makes it possible to create sturdy, soft and pleasant to the touch products while ensuring suppleness and safety for your baby
This is the reason why it is used in the fabrication of products that must meet high quality requirements. It is also waterproof, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Sophie la girafe® Lille Toni [15]

As a welcome greeting and talisman for birth, Sophie la girafe has been a true classic for almost 60 years – and babies love her! She stimulates all the senses of newborns and soothes when the first little teeth come.. Sophie’s shape and size are ideal for little baby hands
She is painted only with food coloring and has the same characteristics of a baby pacifier. We would be happy to pack you an individual gift set
Just tell us your wishes in the comment field in the check-out (just before payment).. CAUTION: Remove all packaging and fasteners before use

Mii Sophie la Girafe 2 in 1 Cleaning Brush | CLEARANCE SALES 70% OFF [16]

Mii Sophie la Girafe 2 in 1 Cleaning Brush | CLEARANCE SALES 70% OFF. 2 in 1 Bottle And Nipple Brush Is Sized To Thoroughly Clean The Uniquely Designed Mii Sophie la girafe® Bottles and Nipples.
We have a 14-days return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging
We will consider issuing replacements for products that are damaged due to manufacturer defects for up to 1 year from the purchase date. This does not cover normal wear and tear of product or damage caused by improper care or accidents

How to Clean Sophie the Giraffe and Keep it Mold Free! [17]

If you have a young child, there’s a good chance that they have a Sophie the Giraffe toy. This means you also know that Sophie the Giraffe can get pretty dirty
The entire Sophie line-up is incredibly popular, and for good reason – they’re cute, fun, and effective! But what do you do if your little one gets Sophie dirty?. You clean it! But, there are some things to keep in mind as you could create more issues for yourself than you need to.
A little bit of water will go a long way! Scrub her if need be but don’t use too much water.. – Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies – those creases can hold a lot of dirt and slobbers!

Sophie la girafe + Chewing Rubber So’Pure [18]

suitable as Soother/Teether from the series SO’PURE. In 50 years Sophie the giraffe® is real classic as a welcome gift and a mojo for birth Sophie the giraffe in 50 years – and babies love her! It stimulates all the senses of newborns and pacifies when the first teeth come
Already from the first days of life, Sophie la Girafe is suitable as a grasping toy because her long legs and neck are easy to grip for the baby.. The cheerful-looking giraffe made of natural rubber is food-grade paint and has the same characteristics as a baby soother
WARNING! ATTENTION! Please remove all packaging and fastenings before use. Inspect the product carefully before using it, especially if the child has teeth

Sophie la girafe teether – How to clean

Sophie la girafe teether – How to clean
Sophie la girafe teether – How to clean

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