18 how to delete photos from samsung galaxy s4 Ultimate Guide

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how to delete photos from samsung galaxy s4
18 how to delete photos from samsung galaxy s4 Ultimate Guide

What happens if I delete photos and videos in Gallery? [1]

What happens if I delete photos and videos in Gallery?. What happens if I delete photos and videos in Gallery?
Photos and videos that are synced are available in the cloud recycle bin for 15 days and can be restored within that time. Deleted photos and videos that were not synced are lost forever.

Why Can’t I Delete Photos From My Android Gallery? [2]

There are instances when you might want to get rid of every last photo that’s there on an Android phone. Maybe you are selling your old Android phone or maybe you have taken your Android phone to a service center
How Do You Know That There Are Still Photos In Your Gallery. After having removed all the photos, the storage should come down to a ‘0’ but if for instance, you see some storage occupied or still images, you know that you didn’t delete all the images
For instance, even if a user pressed the deleted option, the image reappeared after some time. Or, it could be that you had hidden photos on your Android to save them from prying eyes and later missed these photos when deleting others.

how to delete photos from samsung galaxy s4? [3]

– To delete photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4, open the Gallery app and tap on the Photos tab.. – You will see a list of all the photos on your phone.
Samsung Galaxy S4 SOLVED: How to Delete Photos From Gallery App (Instant Upload). How to Delete Photos and Videos on You Samsung Galaxy S4 ?
For one, it’s not as easy as other services to share or access your photos. Additionally, it can be difficult to find specific photos if you’re looking for them later.

How to Delete Photos From Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4? [4]

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to delete photos from the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to delete photos from your device’s Gallery, so that you can keep your photos organized and free up space on your device
How To Delete Photos From Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4?. – The picture will now be deleted from your Gallery.
Deleting photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Gallery is easy and straightforward. With the Gallery app, you can quickly delete any photos that you don’t want to keep

3 Ways to Permanently Delete Photos from Samsung & Cloud [5]

Whether it’s because a particular photo hasn’t come out as you expected or because you need to make room for new items or because you want to sell your phone, it might become important to know how to permanently delete photos from Samsung phones. Most of us don’t know that deleted photos or items are often retrievable
Samsung does have its special photo app called Gallery. You can either delete photos individually or a whole album at a time
In the following guide, we take Samsung Galaxy S9 as examples.. Tips: Need to wipe out your Samsung phone completely? With Samsung Eraser, you can wipe a Samsung phone permanently in ease.

Erase Photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 [6]

The easy 1-Click phone to phone data transfer to move data between iOS/Android/WinPhone/Symbian. The Easiest Android data recovery software to recover Android lost or deleted Files
Best iOS/Android phone manager tool to manage your phone’s files in a comfortable place. The easy 1-Click phone to phone data transfer to move data between iOS/Android/WinPhone/Symbian
All-in-one Android Toolkit to recover, transfer, switch, backup restore, erase data on Android devices, as well as remove lock screen and root Android devices,especially Samsung phone.. “I used an unrooted,Samsung Galaxy S4 phone for 2 years.I took about 5000+ pictures on it.I have an instagram, screenshot, picasa, google+ folders,now I want to delete the pictures to free up space on my device permanently after I sync to my PC.If there is ANY ways to erase my Samsung photos without restoring, please send help!”-Martin

How to Delete Auto Backup Pictures on Samsung Galaxy S4 [7]

And there are thousands of photos that I wanna delete. How can I delete auto backup pictures? And I do not need to back up my pictures automatically.”
The more and more auto backup pictures on Android tablets seem to be useless. For most Android users, copying and transferring important pictures selectively is better than those auto backup pictures
You can also know how to turn off auto backup on Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/Note 3 Android tablets.. – Part 2: How to Delete Auto Backup Pictures on Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4

Picture Recovery from Samsung S4 [8]

Recently I purchased Samsung S4 phone noticing its fabulous features. After some days, I received a message stating that my Samsung S4 memory was full with pictures, hence I decided to transfer all photos to system
Later, when I connected it to the system it was inaccessible. This is one of major mistakes done by most of the SmartPhone users
But, even after knowing this instruction users do the same mistakes and lose their valuable pictures. When such instances happen, they would be worried and think that the photos are gone permanently

How do I permanently delete files from storage? – Samsung Galaxy S4 [9]

I have deleted a lot of pictures off my phone but when I sync’s up to my computer all the pictures are still there. How do I erase stuff from memory that I already deleted?
I want to delete the whole internal storage because if it is searched in the PC it all comes.. im needing to delete all the up loading ive put in storage

How do you remove Picasa albums/pictures from Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4 [10]

How do you remove Picasa albums/pictures from Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S4. I have just got my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have noticed that it has imported all of the pictures and albums from Goole Picasa to my gallery
Go to Settings and at Connections tab select Data Usage. In properties enable Auto sync Data (To get the properties click on the button on the left side from your Home button on your phone at the bottom right side)
On the next page disable Sync Picasa Web albums (and you can also disable Sync Google+ Photos). That will prevent future pictures from being downloaded from Picasa to your phone, now let’s clear the current ones:

Inside Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Delete Photos via Windows Explorer App in a Windows Computer [11]

Disclaimer: this post is written based on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 runs with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and the computer uses Windows 7 Professional 32-bit as the operating system.. How to delete photos in Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop via Windows Explorer in a Windows computer?
– Connect your phone to the computer using the provided USB cable by plugging the micro USB connector to the micro USB port in your device (it’s located under the Home key) and the USB connector to a USB port on your PC. If it’s the first time for you to connect your phone with the PC, your PC may need a few minutes to install the driver
– When your phone has been successfully connected to your PC, a pop up window will appear in your PC to provide you with some available options. Click Open device to view files to automatically explore your phone in the Windows Explorer app.

How to transfer your photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to your PC [12]

All the news on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in our articles. Transfer your photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to your PC
This can happen very frequently if your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini does not have a large internal memory.. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to your computer so that you can take new photos.
Transfer your photos using your USB cable from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to your PC. En achetant votre téléphone, une prise et un câble USB sont fournis afin de recharger votre Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Possible solutions to restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. [13]

Possible solutions to restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.. If you are unlucky to mistakenly delete some photos from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, do you know how to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Here in this guide we will tell you 4 methods to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, you can read and choose one method to find your deleted photos depending on your situation.
It is designed to help users restore deleted or formatted data from any Android phone. This tool brings a simple and safe way to recover lost photos
Also, the important feature to point out about this app is that you can preview the scanned files and can select only those files that you wish to recover.. – Part 1: Possible solutions to restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 [14]

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4. My darling baby boy deleted all the photos in my Samsung Galaxy S4!
How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4. Avoid taking anymore photos or videos with Galaxy S4
Before newly captured videos or photos swamp in, the files deleted from Samsung Galaxy S4 are intact and can be recovered.. The software is able to recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Permanently Delete Photos and Videos from Samsung Mobile Phone [15]

Many people may get frustrated: “Why should I take care of the personal photos and videos, which have been deleted already?” or “What can they do with something that doesn’t exist?” I will tell you that if you don’t erase your phone data carefully, even the deleted data can be recovered, and worse still your private photos or videos can be retrieved by some recovery tools.. Because the deleted data will still exist on your device’s storage, until it be overwritten by new data
The newly released Samsung Galaxy S8 definitely is the most popular phone in 2017. I believe many readers might want to change your old phone for this one
But don’t worry, the following article will show how to erase your photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy phones and prevent them from being retrieving.. We all know the common way to overwrite the deleted data is to fill the phone storage with useless data

Delete backed up photos on Samsung S4 mini [16]

How do I delete backed up photos from my gallery (Samsung S4 mini).. When I click on the photos there is no “delete icon (dustbin)”

I accidentally delete some photos from my Samsung Galaxy S4 . How can I get them back? [17]

Why did Note 4 sd card list .jpg but save photos as pcd?By Blade3520 in forum Samsung Galaxy Note 4Replies: 5Last Post: 09-01-2016, 12:06 PM. Where is the power button on a HTC phone?By AC Question in forum General Help and How ToReplies: 2Last Post: 07-12-2015, 11:03 PM
Why can’t my S4 upload or post a video from my gallery to Instagram?By AC Question in forum Ask a QuestionReplies: 1Last Post: 07-12-2015, 10:56 PM. How do I fix it?By AC Question in forum Samsung Galaxy S3Replies: 1Last Post: 07-12-2015, 08:24 PM

How to Recover Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone? [18]

“Hello, I have erased recently captured pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S4 while trying to perform some task. Since, those pictures were recently captured I do not possess any backup
Can anyone please suggest me good solution to recover photos from Galaxy S4?”. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most recognized Smartphone model among various Samsung Android phones
This stunning gadget is a good competitor for HTC and Apple iPhone series of Smartphones. User can perform vast number of tasks on Samsung GS4 like capturing HD quality pictures, videos, playing music, video calling, internet access and so on

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Delete Photo Albums or Pictures

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Delete Photo Albums or Pictures
Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Delete Photo Albums or Pictures

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