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How to Cleanse your Tarot Cards | 11 ways to Cleanse your Decks

How to Cleanse your Tarot Cards | 11 ways to Cleanse your Decks
How to Cleanse your Tarot Cards | 11 ways to Cleanse your Decks

10 Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards + 5 Times You Need To [1]

10 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards & Why You Need To. Who doesn’t love a good tarot reading? Pulling cards gives you the opportunity to glean new insights into your past, present, and future.
First things first: Do you actually need to cleanse your tarot deck? According to tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt, yes! She explains that doing so can lead to clearer and more accurate readings.. “If you think of the tarot as a tool or channel for your intuition and spirit team to communicate to you, it makes sense that sometimes it might need a little refresh,” she notes, adding that a cleanse acts as a reset for both the deck and its reader.
If you were using your deck yesterday and were feeling sad, for example, you wouldn’t want that energy to hang around in your cards.. “Even if you’re only doing readings for yourself, your energy is constantly changing,” she explains

6 Ways to Cleanse a Room and Purify Your Space [2]

Marie’s philosophy of tidying goes beyond the tangible. That which we cannot see still affects us — including the air we breathe
By removing stale air from your home, you can enter into a deeper state of reflection and gratitude.. In Japan, purification rituals — or harae — are customary
These purification acts represent becoming one with the natural world and ensure that the atmosphere in the temple remains sacred.. Below are a few of Marie Kondo’s purification tools and practices for cleansing rooms

How to get rid of your tarot cards safely [3]

I have used many different decks of tarot cards over the years and, like many tarot readers, I eventually reached a point where I needed to get rid of them. Some of the reasons I chose to part ways with a tarot deck is that I had outgrown it, I wasn’t using it much lately or I did not feel connected to it anymore
I would also not recommend throwing your old decks in the bin, as it is not very respectful to the cards and the help they have provided for years.. If you have a deck of tarot cards that you no longer want or need, there are a few different ways you can get dispose of them in a safe and ecological manner.
I have traded old tarot decks with some friends but also with other readers I have got to know through Instagram. If you are like me, there are probably a few decks or 100 that you would love to add to your collection, but as you all know space and money don’t always allow us to buy them all.

How to Smudge your Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading Area [4]

Smudging is the practice of cleansing something with the smoke of an herb. It removes negative energy and helps clear away emotional baggage
Many also smudge their entire homes or reading space.. Its a relatively simple process, and theres no one right way to do it
After smudging, most people feel lighter and experience a sense of refreshment and peace.. The most commonly used smudging herb is white sage, though desert sage and other herbs such as cedar or sweetgrass, or a combination, may be used

Tarot Tutorial: How to Do Tarot Readings for Yourself [5]

What was once relegated to the occultic fringes is now raging in the mainstream. But how does Tarot even work? What do the cards mean? And can you do your own reading? We want answers to these questions, and we’re guessing our readers do too
Is it possible to do Tarot spreads on yourself, even if you’re a beginner? Yes! It absolutely is. Tarot is a modality that helps us gain greater insight into our current situations, honor our intuition and forecast potential outcomes
Before we get down to it and begin our reading, prepare your space (physically and mentally). Cleanse the energy through the burning of herbs, ringing a bell or chimes, taking a bath, or using your favorite crystals

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards With Incense (in 3 Easy Steps) [6]

Have your tarot readings gone blurry? Is it time to give your tarot cards a refresh?. It is no wonder that residual energies stick to the deck every time you have a reading
Cleansing your cards with incense is an ancient practice and one of the best ways to restore your tarot deck to its original mysticism.. Although there are countless methods, incense is the most accessible way to purify the cards.
Light up the stick and fan your tarot card in the scented smoke of incense. Continue this process until you feel enough energy in your cards.

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards With Incense – Sage’s Lantern Tarot [7]

Do you want to learn how to cleanse your Tarot cards with the help of incense? In this article, I share all the insights you need to feel confident cleansing your cards.. Cleanse your Tarot cards by letting the deck run through the smoke from the incense
Use an incense stick, cone, loose incent, smudge, or essential oil diffuser. Common incense for cleansing is White Sage, Frankincense, or Palo Santo.
Residual energies from readings or your surroundings might attach to the cards and lead to inaccurate readings. Cleansing your deck with the help of incense is very common among Tarot readers and easy to do.

11 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Tarot Cards [8]

There’s a tradition in the tarot community of cleansing and clearing new, and old, tarot cards.. Many readers don’t cleanse their tarot decks –which is totally okay
But a lot of people do feel that their tarot cards can get energetic gunk stuck on them.. So, why would you want to cleanse or bless your tarot cards?
If someone else touched them – this is a bit of polarizing tarot folklore. Some tarot practitioners don’t let anyone touch their cards.

The Power of Incense in Cleansing Tarot Cards [9]

Whether you bought a Tarot deck second-hand, your Tarot deck was exposed to negative energy, or you feel like it is time to give your Tarot cards a good cleanse, there are many different techniques you can choose from.. You can cleanse your Tarot cards with incense, one of the most popular ways to clear any energy attached to your cards
If you own a deck of Tarot cards, cleansing them is essential so they remain in a positive energy state. Keep reading so you can learn all about when you need to cleanse your Tarot cards, what you can use to cleanse your cards, and how you can use each of these techniques to do so.
However, there are some definite situations where you should cleanse them to make sure that they maintain positive and peaceful energy.. Looking for a new Tarot Deck? These are the top sellers on Amazon

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards [10]

While shuffling the tarot deck is a way to cleanse and clear the energy of the cards, there are times when you might want to do something more specific and ritualized. Maybe you’re just starting to learn tarot and cleansing your deck seems like a good place to begin.
– Your card readings feel “off” or a little disconnected. – You feel like you’ve be using your deck A LOT – especially for emotionally heavy readings
Think of it like a little spiritual hygiene to keep the connection clear and well tuned. It’s not something you need to do, but if you’re feeling any of the above, explore a few different ways of clearing your deck energetically (see below) and note which ones feel like they work the best for you.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards & Why You Should Do It [11]

This article was co-authored by Emily Christensen and by wikiHow staff writer, Aly Rusciano. Emily Christensen is a Shamanic Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, and the Founder of Rainbow Raaja based in Southern California and now King County, Washington
She received Reiki Master training from the Hands on Healing Institute. Emily is also a certified Bodywork Therapist by the California Massage Therapy Council and an Ordained Shamanic Minister with the Universal Life Church.
Tarot cards are a spiritually insightful way to catch a glimpse into your future, but did you know that every reading puts negative and positive energy into the cards? Cleansing your tarot cards can help balance their energies and give you a fresh slate to work with. In this article, we’ll teach you about the many ways you can cleanse a tarot deck and why it’s important

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards with Incense [12]

Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by IncenseJunction. When it comes to tarot cards, it is a tradition to cleanse old, or new tarot cards
Even though some people do not cleanse them, there is a belief that negative energy can get stuck on your cards.. The fact of the matter is that there are different ways of cleansing your cards
In this post, we demonstrate how to cleanse tarot cards with incense the right way. Incense is among the most popular ways of cleansing tarot cards

7 Easy Ways to Cleanse Tarot Cards for a Perfect Reading [13]

Perhaps you’ve heard various accounts of how one “should” acquire and care for a tarot deck. I remember hearing these stories in the time before I owned my first deck.
You must perform a ritual to clear your deck of energies and make it your own was another.. While I would never downplay the wisdom of different cultures and their beliefs about the best ways to obtain and care for their divinatory tools, there are some standard beliefs when it comes to caring for your tarot deck and how to cleanse tarot cards.
Note that you can also use these cleansing methods for oracle cards and angel card decks.. Depending on the specific culture or belief system, cleansing and clearing your tarot deck can mean a variety of things.

how to cleanse tarot deck with incense|TikTok Search [14]

Discover videos related to how to cleanse tarot deck with incense on TikTok.. 30 Likes, TikTok video from Jade ✨ (@wellingtonwitch): “new deck cleansing #ukwitchtok #vvitch #tarot #tarotreader #witchtip”
63 Likes, TikTok video from Beyond Senses – Tarot Reading (@beyondsensesph): “incense tarot cleansing 🤍 #fyp #fypシ゚ #tiktokph #tarot #intuition #beyondsensesph”. How I Cleanse My Tarot Deck ✨ | First, I light my incense and then I stick it to a glass filled with salt
This process is needed to be done to release the negative energy from the cards. | …Tarot cards cleansing Lost – Official Sound Studio.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards: 8 Ways to Clear Your Deck [15]

Reading tarot isn’t just about shuffling and drawing your cards and hoping for the best.. In fact, the relationship you have with your tarot deck plays a huge part in your ability to connect to and read your cards intuitively.
Even if you’re a beginner tarot reader and have no desire to go pro, cleansing and clearing your tarot cards is an important part of reading tarot and will make the world of difference when it comes to reading accurate and insightful tarot spreads.. And the good news is that, once you know how to cleanse tarot cards, it’s a very simple addition to your existing practice that can have dramatic results.
But first things first, why do you need to cleanse tarot cards?. Well, cleansing your tarot cards helps to remove old and stagnant energies that might otherwise get in the way of your readings.

All 9+ how to cleanse tarot cards with incense Must Read [16]

Why I Stopped Collecting Crystals (honest advice you should hear) Why I Stopped Collecting Crystals (honest advice you should hear)…. How to cleanse your tarot deck How to cleanse your tarot deck how to cleanse tarot deck with incense 1.5M…
Clear energy How to cleanse Preowned tarot cards – very EASY.…. How To Cleanse Your Tarot and Oracle Decks How To Cleanse Your Tarot and Oracle Decks 25pcs Incense Cones and…
cleansing my crystals with incense – how to cleansing my crystals with incense – how to How To Cleanse Tarot…. How To Cleanse Tarot Cards!! Cleansing Divination Tools How To Cleanse Tarot Cards!! Cleansing Divination Tools 10 Easy Ways To…

Cleansing Tarot Cards For The First Time + Between Readings [17]

Let’s talk about cleansing tarot cards! Whether you’re working with a brand new deck you need to cleanse for the first time, or need a quick way to clear the energy between uses, I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite 7 methods for cleansing tarot cards.
Yes, you always want to cleanse your cards before using them. Cleansing your tarot cards clears their energy and gets them ready for a new reading.
But cleansing your tarot cards doesn’t have to be a big, drawn out ritual. There are many quick and easy ways to reset your cards and prepare them for use.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards to Guarantee the Most Accurate Readings [18]

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards to Guarantee the Most Accurate Readings. So, apparently learning how to cleanse tarot cards is a thing you might want to do before you get a new deck, or if have an old one, or if you’re giving a new or old one to someone else
“Tarot cards are traditionally given as gifts,” Tarra says. “Cleansing the cards and doing a protection ritual for them before you give them to a new owner will neutralize any weird energies they’ve picked along the way.”
And I guess it would be really rude of me if I gave my mom a cursed one. So after dinner Tarra set me up with a royal blue mesh bag of goodies, wisely relayed her method of cleansing them, and then I promptly forgot every word of it until we touched base again this morning.

5 Easy Ways To Cleanse Tarot Cards [19]

One of the things that new tarot readers are concerned about, understandably so, is how to cleanse the tarot cards. And it is a legitimate concern because mucky energies can leak over to the cards, whether someone else touches them or themselves
Additionally, it is true that when you get your first deck, they need to be cleansed before you start using them. And they should be cleaned once a month if you are only using them to read for yourself
And if others are handling the cards, then you need to cleanse them after each reading. But, you are asking, how do you clean them? Is it a necessity to burn sage to cleanse the cards? Is it a necessity to cleanse them with incense?

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards [20]

This means that I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you follow one of my links and end up making a purchase.]. What does it mean to cleanse your new tarot deck? It means to make sure it doesn’t have any lingering, residual energies from the manufacturer, bookstore, Amazon seller, or previous owner
It isn’t an external source telling you what to do; it’s a medium through which you guide yourself to your highest good. So, you need to make sure that the signals between you and your cards are static-free.
Among its other benefits, burning dried sage is believed to dispel stale, negative, or toxic energies lingering in the air. Saging a tarot deck, or any object really, can similarly clear its energies.

How to cleanse your Tarot cards [21]

To sage your cards you will need to ignite the sage and then blow out the flame allowing it to smoulder. Once the sage is smouldering use the smoke to cleanse yourself
Visualize the smoke removing any energies form the cards. Place the sage below the cards and allow the smoke to rise around the deck, you can rotate the deck and visualise the cleaning and purification seeping into the cards.
Ignite your incense and then blow out the flame, allowing it to smoulder. Use the incense to cleanse yourself before picking up your tarot deck

A Beginner’s Simple Guide on How To Cleanse Tarot Cards [22]

There are a variety of ways to cleanse your tarot cards. Often enough, some tarot readers discard the need for cleansing
But, to perform the cleansing ritual, all you need is yourself and your strong intention. In this article, we will be showing 8 easy ways of cleansing your tarot cards
– What is the importance of cleansing your tarot cards?. So let’s learn how to cleanse tarot cards of stagnant and negative energy without self-doubt and receive consistent tarot readings!

Why (and How) You Should Cleanse Your Tarot Cards [23]

There are many tools of divination that you may want to try out, including I Ching, runes, scrying, and even tea leaves (yes it’s real!) before you find the one that really speaks to you. However, perhaps the most well-known of these tools are the tarot cards
After all, whether you’re doing a reading for yourself or someone else, you’re using the cards to interpret a situation, providing yourself or your querent with more information so you or they can make a decision.. Whether you use your cards once a day, or only a few times a month, were you aware that they should be cleansed? That’s right, cleansing your cards is a great way to clear the energy so your cards are always ready and in tune
Just like almost anything we use in life, at some point in time, it all needs a good cleaning. Your tarot cards are no different! Taking the time to cleanse them helps clear any lingering energy, and helps keep the connection strong between you and your deck

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards [24]

Most tarot readers will cleanse a new tarot deck immediately after purchase, and also cleanse their existing tarot cards regularly. When you cleanse tarot cards, you remove any build-up of negative energies or emotions — and clear the deck for better, more in-tune readings.
First let’s clear up some misconceptions: Cleansing a tarot deck is not a physical process. DEFINITION: Cleansing a tarot deck is a practice or ritual which purges tarot cards of the negative energies and emotional residues left over from prior readings, or from handling the cards.
Which cleansing ritual is best for you, and how often to cleanse your tarot cards are decisions you’ll have to make on your own.. Many tarot readers don’t cleanse their tarot decks at all

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards [25]

Knowing how to cleanse Tarot cards isn’t something that is often taught to Tarot beginners. Most of the time, you have to feel out for yourself
It’s based on what feels the most cleansing to you.. The good news is that are plenty of ways you can cleanse your cards
It’s no good using a technique that doesn’t make you feel like something has shifted.. To help you find out how you should cleanse your Tarot cards, here are some things I’d like you to try.

How Do You Cleanse Tarot Cards in Between Readings? [26]

Have you thought about cleansing your tarot deck? I can be somewhat superstitious at times and recently let a “negatively” charged friend of mine (i.e. a bit of a Debbie Downer) handle my tarot cards (I don’t know why I did that, rookie mistake!)
I am convinced I need to rid my tarot cards of the bummer energy that my gal-pal (surely) passed on to my deck. So, how do you cleanse tarot cards in between readings (or incidents)?
Some techniques are simple and others more difficult. Some choose not to because they don’t think it is necessary.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards [27]

Whether you’re an expert tarot reader or just starting out, you need to cleanse tarot cards regularly. Doing so purifies the energy of the cards and will help you give clearer, more accurate readings.
Interested in getting a tarot reading? We have hundred of world-class readers ready to chat right now.. Ideally, you should cleanse your tarot deck every time before you use it
You should definitely cleanse your deck when you first get it. The tarot cards have been traveling a lot and have passed through many hands to get to you

how to cleanse tarot cards with incense
27 how to cleanse tarot cards with incense Quick Guide


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