30 how to make bearded dragon poop Ultimate Guide

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how to make bearded dragon poop
30 how to make bearded dragon poop Ultimate Guide
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Bearded Dragon Poop 101: Everything You Need to Know! [1]

Let’s face it, even the cutest of creatures are capable of producing some pretty stinky poop.. Take the bearded dragon for instance, these adorable little guys might look sweet and innocent, but don’t let that fool you!
Because of this, I figured it would be helpful to create an overall guide to bearded dragon poop, answering all your questions from how it should look, to how often bearded dragons should poop, to how to help them poop, and much more!. So with that being said, if you want to learn more about bearded dragon poop, just keep reading!
First and foremost, age will play a role in determining how often should a bearded dragon poop. As such, babies will have bowel movements more frequently than both young and adult beardies.

Constipation in Reptiles [2]

Constipation is a condition where bowel movements are infrequent and is a common problem of captive bearded dragons and other reptile species. There are many potential causes, including weakness, pain, spinal injury, or muscle weakness from nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism, lack of sufficient water or roughage (dark leafy greens), folliculogenesis (maturation of eggs in the female reptile’s ovaries), parasites (coccidia or flagellated protozoans), atadenovirus infection, masses blocking the colon (such as with microsporidiosis), or renomegaly (large kidneys)
Often, a lack of appetite is present when reptiles are in this condition. There are many causes of constipation in reptiles, but one of the most common is a solid urate mass in the cloaca that can cause colon and cloacal obstruction, leading to constipation
Urates are made up of a suspension of uric acid salts and water and can be seen as the white or whitish-yellow semi-solid portion of the feces.. How does urine, in whatever form, cause a problem with reduced bowel movements? Reptiles do not have a separate opening for urates and feces to pass from the body; instead, they have a cloaca

Constipation/Obstipation in Bearded Dragons [3]

Constipation, which is the failure to produce feces, is a common condition in bearded dragons. There are many possible causes including, but not limited to, dehydration, parasites, poor diet, an injury, infection, and tumors.
We recommend that bearded dragons get plenty of water to drink every day by gently misting them on the head and face until they have finished drinking. Many bearded dragons don’t like this misting while others may act thirsty within a few hours of drinking their fill
If a bearded dragon is getting these baths and is still constipation, it needs to be seen by a veterinarian. Many constipated bearded dragons respond quite well to medical therapy if they are seen early.

Your Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat? Here Are the Reasons and Our Solutions [4]

Bearded dragons can stop eating or lose their appetite for a variety of reasons. We as first-time owners of these lizards may experience worry when they go off feed
There are environmental factors that may also contribute to lack of appetite, such as temperature, or time of year. To help ease your concerns, I have listed a few reasons your beardie might be uninterested in food and some possible solutions below.
The temperature and humidity within the enclosure might be too high or too low, and this can interfere with proper digestion of food. A basking spot of 100-110 degrees F works well for my own beardie

Bearded Dragon Impaction: All Signs & Treatment [5]

Bearded dragon impaction is something that many owners are afraid of.. If left untreated, impaction can lead to a long list of serious health complications for your beardie
As always, being a knowledgable and prepared owner goes quite a long way.. In this guide, we’ll cover the causes, signs, and treatment options for impaction in bearded dragons
– Is There A Difference Between Impaction And Constipation?. When a bearded dragon is suffering from impaction it means the digestive tract is being blocked by a hard mass

Bearded Dragon Not Pooping? Here’s Why & What To Do! [6]

I never realized just how much I’d be concerned with poop once I got a bearded dragon. Did she poop? When? How much? What’s it look like? When did she poop last? We even keep track of it, do you? Well, you should, because knowing the last time your beardie pooped is essential if you want to keep them healthy and happy.
While short-term solutions may be as simple as a warm bath, this is an issue that compounds with time. Act immediately to address the problem, then root out the cause to prevent it in the future.
If you just want to try a quick fix, feed your beardie a little of this (we’ll cover this more in-depth later in the article). First of all, you should know that the lowest frequency of bowel movements you can expect from a Healthy adult bearded dragon will poop every 2-7 days


Bearded dragons are omnivores which means that they eat everything. However, it can happen that bearded dragons eat things they shouldn´t and get impacted (constipated)
How do I get my bearded dragon to poop? Get your bearded dragon to poop by getting them into a warm bath twice per day. Also, feeding them natural laxatives work very well
The following list of information will be addressing how to get a bearded dragon to poop:. – The Number of Times Bearded Dragons Poop in a Day

How To Find Out Why Your Bearded Dragon Isn’t Pooping – Reptile Craze [8]

You are happy with your bearded dragon, until you notice the enclosure is clean -too clean- and you realize with horror that your pet has not had a bowel movement in some time. Now you are wondering if something could be wrong and why this could be happening.
A warm bath will usually get rid of the problem but is not a definite solution. Furthermore, impaction can be life-threatening if not properly treated.
Let’s review what you can do to fix your bearded dragon’s problem, how to prevent it from happening again, and when to look for veterinary assistance.. Here is a table that can quickly help you decide if you need to start worrying about your bearded dragon not pooping:

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Pooping? Should I Worry? [9]

Bearded dragons are great companions for their owners. Due to the attention and care that these cute lizards require, it isn’t uncommon for their owners to notice when something is amiss
Being a creature of habit and routine, most bearded dragons defecate once a week—that is if everything is going as it should. When that movement doesn’t take place, it can leave you wondering whether you should worry
Let’s take a look at a few of them so you can determine whether your bearded dragon’s pooping schedule is cause for concern.. The 7 Possible Causes of a Constipated Bearded Dragon

How to Make A Bearded Dragon Poop [10]

As a pet owner, you need to know how to make a Bearded Dragon poop, it is important to keep your animal healthy and clean. This means making sure they have regular bowel movements.
Adult bearded dragons poop once every two days to once a week.. Another Interesting Read: How to mist a bearded dragon
Bearded dragons need a lot of protein and fiber in their diet to help them have regular bowel movements. Feed them a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, insects, and meat.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Pooping? 7 Causes & Treatments [11]

Beardies are generally healthy lizards, but it is still possible for them to get sick.. One of the most common sickness symptoms is not pooping
From poor nutrition to impaction they can be easily treatable or require a vet visit.. A lizard that has not pooped in over a week can have a serious health problem
Has your bearded dragon stopped pooping and you want to know why?. In this article we share the seven most common reasons for bearded dragon constipation and what you should do to help.

Bearded Dragon Poop: Everything Things You Should Know [12]

As a bearded dragon owner, it’s essential to understand the significance of their poop. The condition of their poop can reveal a lot about their overall health and help you catch any potential health issues before they become severe.
Bearded dragon poop can come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. In fact, there are seven different types of bearded dragon poop.
It’s crucial to know what healthy poop looks like and to be aware of any changes.. The color, texture, and frequency of discharge are all vital indicators of their health

When Your Bearded Dragon Hasn’t Pooped: What Could Be The Cause And How To Help – BioBubblePets [13]

When it comes to owning a bearded dragon, one of the most important things to keep an eye on is their health. While most bearded dragons are healthy and happy, sometimes their behavior can indicate a problem
This can be a sign of several issues, from dietary problems to more serious health concerns. In this article, we will explore the potential causes of why your bearded dragon hasn’t pooped, as well as some tips on how to help your pet get back on track.
There is a chance that a bearded dragon will consume (constipated) food and become ill. Adult bearded dragons should defecate once per week

What To Do If Your Dragon Does Not Poop-Bearded Dragon Obsession [14]

Something as simple as pooping can be a serious health issue for bearded dragons as they can often have problems with it. Dragons may often not poop for long periods, poop out blood, poop out too much water, or poop out dry poops
Sometimes, when conditions are not ideal, they wont poop at all.. Here are a few tips to getting your dragon to poop when it’s seemingly impossible for them to go:
It’s important to keep the water hot enough or it won’t work as well. Remember the water cools down fast so keep warming it

Bearded Dragon Poop: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know [15]

The bearded dragon is native to Australia and is considered one of the world’s most friendly animals, making it a great pet option for many people worldwide. Aside from its beard, which helps identify the reptile’s mood, a host of other things can be deciphered by observing its poop
Healthy bearded dragon poop would be brown and firm with white or yellow urates. The poop will also have a strong consistency and a log-like shape
What Do Different Kinds Of Bearded Dragon Poop Mean?. There are seven different types of bearded dragon poop, and each one has a way of informing one about the bearded dragon

Should a bearded dragon poop everyday? [16]

Should a bearded dragon poop everyday?A young bearded dragon (4 to 18 months old) will have a bowel movement every day or so, while you can expect those older than 18 months to poop 1-7 times a week.. How long can a bearded dragon go without pooping?How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Pooping? Healthy bearded dragons not in brumation should not go for longer than one week without pooping
How do I know if my bearded dragon is constipated?This means if you notice a bump on your dragon’s back between the vertebrae, or a bulging or tender belly, your beardie may be suffering from impaction. Other signs of impaction include weight loss and a generally unhealthy appearance.
If a bearded dragon eats food items that are too large to properly move through their digestive tract, it will get stuck and act as a roadblock to anything behind it.. Do bearded dragons poop the same time every day?A young bearded dragon (up to 12 months) should poop once or twice a day, while adults go a few times per week

All About Bearded Dragon Poop: Colors, Runny, and More [17]

There are seven different types of bearded dragon poop.. But, sometimes it can be watery, runny, bloody or yellow.
Color, texture and frequency of discharge are all vital health indicators.. Though it may not sound too pleasant, keeping an eye on a bearded dragon’s feces is one of the best ways to learn about their health.
– How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Pooping?. Adult bearded dragons should poop at least once per week

Bearded Dragon Poop: Colors, Unhealthy Stool Types, and More [18]

There are several types of bearded dragon poop, and it is essential to know which types are healthy and which types indicate ill health.. Monitoring how often your bearded dragon poops and the texture and color of the feces are all vital to understanding your pet’s health.
Since bearded dragons do not pee, they pass urate, which is a uric acid paste.. This urate will usually be at the sides or end of the brown part of the feces.
By secreting this uric acid paste, a bearded dragon can remove excess nitrogen from its body without losing too much water.. You will always see both poop and urate together, as a bearded dragon passes them at the same time.

Bearded Dragon Poop [19]

Ew gross, poop! So, you have a bearded dragon and you have questions about his poop. Bearded dragon poop is a major indicator of overall health.
They could be constipated or impacted, have too much calcium in their diet, or have parasites.. In this article, we will be going over everything about bearded dragon poop and what to do if your beloved pet is not feeling her best.
Keep in mind, if you have any concerns about the health of your pet, the best thing to do is contact your vet. They can decide on when to bring your pet in, or if the symptoms are mild enough that home treatment would be a safe option.

Everything You Should Know [20]

Every bearded dragon owner should take steps to understand their dragon’s poop. The poop of the bearded dragon is a guaranteed sign of its general health—this supports beardie parents in identifying health issues in their pet before it escalates.
Aside from knowing beardie’s poop shapes, colors, and sizes, you also need to keep track of how often your beardie poops to identify whether there is an issue with your dragon’s health or not.. Luckily, this guide offers a solution to all problems faced with bearded dragon poop, making the process of identification easy
When seeking to know whether your bearded dragon is healthy or not, you ought to know what a healthy poop from a beardie looks like. A healthy bearded dragon’s poop is a blend of two different kinds of wastes.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Pooping? [21]

My grandma always said, what goes in has to come out eventually. This also goes for bearded dragons, but what if that is not the case? What if my bearded dragon is not able to defecate? Why is my bearded dragon not pooping? Here is the answer!
It can happen that bearded dragons eat things they shouldn´t and get impacted (constipated). The defecation frequency also depends on the bearded dragon´s diet.
Continue to read to learn why your beardie is not pooping and what you can do to help it.. Adult bearded dragons should defecate at least once a week

Bearded Dragon Poop: What is Healthy and What to Worry About [22]

The other day, during my cleaning, I happened to pass by Bobby’s tank and noticed the bearded dragon poop.. At first, with my concentration on the dusty surfaces, I continued with the cleaning but stepped back to the tank setup.
Here is what I learned about the Pogona Vitticeps poop, and I hope this table gives you a quick insight into the reptile poop issue.. Ideally, a healthy bearded dragon poop looks brownish with a whitish coloration
A fact to note, the chalky white paste coloration is called urate, and it is the dragon’s form of peeing. Moreover, it can come as a yellowish substance, so do not panic seeing the color change.

How To Massage A Bearded Dragon To Poop: 2 Easy Ways [23]

Not only are bearded dragons prevalent among reptile keepers, but also they are considered ideal beginner-friendly pet reptiles. But with each pet, there comes a few responsibilities
At those times, I was apprehensive and spent over $5000 on vet visits, examinations, and treatment. In addition to a proper diet, massage in warm water helps the Bearded Dragon poop a lot
It is essential to take a daily note of what type & color your beardie poops and when they’re going to the bathroom. It is usual to defecate for adult beardies once a week or two weeks

How to Get a Bearded Dragon to Poop: Tips & Health Advice [24]

Bearded dragons are lovable and cuddly creatures, but if your bearded dragon isn’t pooping as it should, it could be a sign of a more serious health issue. Knowing how to get your bearded dragon to poop can help identify these issues before they become worse.
You will need to provide food that is nutritious and high in fiber so your dragon’s digestive system can work properly.. In this article, we’ll look at the best ways for getting your bearded dragon to poop and discuss any potential warning signs you should be aware of if things start going wrong.
If your pet hasn’t had a bowel movement in accordance with their natural schedule, there might be several reasons behind that such as dehydration, stress, or it is too cold.. All of these require attention and should be dealt with to either prevent impaction or other complications

What does a Bearded Dragon Poop look like?+Pictures [25]

How Does Bearded Dragon Poop look like? How Often Do Beardie’s Poo?. Be it for humans or animals; poop is one great indicator for overall health
However, the process is not as simple as it may sound.. While you are a new Bearded dragon parent, you need to learn about their overall well-being.
Once you have an idea of how a bearded dragon poop looks, you will learn to notice irregularities.. So that being said, if you are looking forward to pet a Bearded dragon or even learn about them, here’s everything about their poop.

How Often Should You Expect Your Bearded Dragon to Poop During Brumation? [26]

Brumation is an important part of a bearded dragon’s life cycle, and it’s essential for their health. During brumation, your dragon’s digestive system will slow down, so you should not expect them to poop often
In this article, we’ll discuss the typical pooping habits of bearded dragons during brumation, and the factors that affect their pooping habits.. Brumation is a kind of hibernation that reptiles enter during cool months
During brumation, your bearded dragon’s energy levels and metabolic rate slow down and they become less active and sleep more. As a result, their digestive system also slows down and they may not poop as frequently as usual

What Can I Feed My Bearded Dragon to Make Him Poop? Best Care Tips [27]

One of the problems that you can encounter when caring for a bearded dragon is constipation. This happens when a bearded dragon won’t poop for a couple of days or so.
You can easily fix this problem by giving your pet the right type of food.. So, what can you feed your bearded dragon to make him poop?
A little bit of banana, pumpkin, or apple sauce is a good choice.. However, the pooping schedule is somehow dependent on their age, the quantity of food they eat, and their health

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop On Me? Probable Causes [28]

The reason your bearded dragon is pooping on you is most likely because you are not providing it with a substrate that it feels comfortable defecating on. Bearded dragons like to poop on sand or dirt, so try providing them with a substrate that they can dig in and bury their droppings.
Bearded dragons communicate through their feces, so if your dragon is pooping on you, it may be trying to send you a message.. If you think this is the case, try paying attention to the color and consistency of your dragon’s droppings.
If your bearded dragon is pooping on you, it is important to figure out why and take steps to correct the problem. Otherwise, you will continue to have a smelly, messy problem on your hands.

Bearded Dragons and Olive Oil Use For Impaction – [29]

Bearded dragons, like humans, can become backed up and unable to pass a necessary bowel movement. You’ve probably overheard other reptile owners discussing olive oil as a remedy for constipated or impacted beardies
Olive oil is often beneficial to bearded dragons that are constipated. If you notice your bearded dragon hasn’t made a bowel movement in a few days, allow them to suck off a few drops of olive oil placed on the tip of its nose
Continue reading to learn more about bearded dragons and olive oil, including what kind of olive oil you can give your bearded dragon, why you should give your bearded dragon olive oil, whether olive oil is harmful to a bearded dragon, how to give your bearded dragon olive oil and more.. What Kind of Olive Oil Can You Give a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragon Poop: What’s Normal And What Isn’t [30]

Understanding bearded dragon poop is actually a very important skill all owners should have. The state of their poop can be a great indicator of their overall health, and help you catch any health issues before they become too serious.
Not only that, but you’ll need to have a rough idea of how often they poop so you can quickly notice any irregularities.. Fortunately, this guide makes that whole process quite simple
Bearded dragons may be little and cute, but be warned:. When it comes to figuring out how often a bearded dragon poops, there isn’t a magic number

How to Clear Impaction in Bearded Dragons

How to Clear Impaction in Bearded Dragons
How to Clear Impaction in Bearded Dragons

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