Curves & Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity Come To Photoshop on iPad

Curves & Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity Come To Photoshop on iPad

Customize your Apple Pencil Settings
Customize your Apple Pencil Settings

Curves & Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity Come To Photoshop on iPad

Curves & Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity Come To Photoshop on iPad

Today, Adobe has released updates to Fresco, and Photoshop on iPad that are sure to make some users quite excited. Fresco was released just last September and is geared towards artists, illustrators, and designers to give them the tools they need to create professional work that could easily be exported as final files online or brought into Photoshop for more detailed touch-ups. Leveraging powerful tools from Adobe Draw (see the video below), Fresco can now “Capture Shapes” in both vector and raster formats as well as much more. Photoshop on the iPad also got some useful and VERY long-awaited tools with the addition of Curves and Brush Sensitivity.

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Notable New Features and Performance Improvements Include:

  • Adobe Fresco: Multicolor eyedrop, vector trimming tools, an additional brush category compatible with Photoshop Mixer brushes, advancements to the ruler tool, Adobe Capture integration with Shapes, and more.
  • Photoshop on iPad: The addition of two highly requested features – Curves and Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity.

Let’s Dive Into the Details

Adobe Fresco

Version 1.6 is the most feature-filled release Fresco has had, and they aren’t kidding. With features like the multicolor eyedrop tool that’ll allow you to select multiple colors at once providing you a swatch in the color history that can then be used with Fresco’s Live Brushes and most of their pixel brushes.

Additional Features Added To Fresco

But wait, there’s more! Fresco also has persistence settings that’ll transfer across all of your devices, new keyboard shortcuts, better blending with Live Oil brushes, speed-sensitive brushes, support for more windows based devices, and a massive list of bug fixes! Check the blog post here for the full details.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

And now for the good stuff! Today, Curves and Brush Sensitivity were added to Photoshop on iPad. For anyone who’s worked in any editing platform, you’ll know that Curves is a core feature and an essential tool for any editor.

Curves enable you to make specific adjustments to the color and tone of your image (i.e. contrast, exposure, saturation, highlights, shadows, and color balance) in a non-destructive way. This first version includes adjustments of tonal curves for all channels, multi-node selections, and some great new affordances to enable the app to recognize when you want to tap and drag a node with your finger or pencil or select it.

Pencil Pressure Sensitivity

In response to feedback stating that sometimes it feels you must press too hard to make strokes, you can now adjust the pressure sensitivity of your Apple Pencil for more precise brushing, cloning, and other effects when using brush-based tools. This will allow you to brush as softly or as firmly as you’d like in ways that are unique to, and thus customized for the pencil and tablet environment.

To learn more about this visit the official blog post here

Basically, even though the number of new features may be small, but the power and usefulness are huge! Especially if you’re an editor on the move. I haven’t tried the last few versions of Photoshop on the iPad but given the number of updates, I’m actually pretty excited to finally test it. The touch sensitivity was a major issue or reason for me not making the leap, but if it works as good as they’re claiming I can’t see any reason to not take advantage of these mobile tools.

What about you? Have you been using Photoshop for the iPad? Or Fresco? What do you think of these updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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