How Many Papa John’s Stores Does Peyton Manning Own?


Papa John’s is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world, known for its delicious pizza and convenient online ordering system. In recent years, the chain has made headlines due to its partnership with former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning has been a spokesperson for Papa John’s since 2012 and has since become a co-owner of several Papa John’s franchises. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the number of Papa John’s stores that Peyton Manning owns and the impact of his partnership with the pizza chain.

Peyton Manning’s Partnership with Papa John’s

Peyton Manning’s partnership with Papa John’s began in 2012 when he started appearing in commercials for the pizza chain. Manning’s role in these advertisements was to promote Papa John’s pizza and its online ordering system. The ads were a hit with viewers, and Manning quickly became one of the most recognizable faces associated with the brand.

In addition to appearing in commercials, Peyton Manning has also become a co-owner of several Papa John’s franchises. In 2012, he became the owner of 21 Papa John’s stores in the Denver area. Since then, he has expanded his ownership to include 31 stores in Colorado, Louisiana, and Tennessee. The number of stores Manning owns has made him one of the largest Papa John’s franchisees in the United States.

Number of Papa John’s Stores Peyton Manning Owns

As mentioned earlier, Peyton Manning currently owns 31 Papa John’s stores across three states. Of these stores, 25 are located in Colorado, four are in Louisiana, and two are in Tennessee. The majority of Manning’s stores are located in the Denver area, where he first began his ownership with Papa John’s.

Manning’s ownership of these stores has been a significant factor in his net worth. According to Forbes, Manning’s partnership with Papa John’s has earned him an estimated $13 million since 2012. This figure includes both his earnings from appearing in commercials as well as his profits from his ownership of the franchises.

Peyton Manning’s Role in Papa John’s Marketing

Peyton Manning’s partnership with Papa John’s has been mutually beneficial for both parties. Manning’s status as a former NFL quarterback and his popularity with sports fans have made him a highly effective spokesperson for the pizza chain. His appearances in commercials have helped to increase brand awareness, and his ownership of franchises has demonstrated his commitment to the brand.

In addition to his role as a spokesperson and franchise owner, Peyton Manning has also been involved in the marketing strategy of Papa John’s. In 2018, he was named the chairman of the board of directors for the pizza chain. In this role, Manning has helped to guide the company’s marketing efforts and strategic planning.

Manning’s involvement in the marketing of Papa John’s has been credited with helping to turn around the company’s fortunes. In recent years, the pizza chain has struggled with declining sales and controversy surrounding its founder. However, under Manning’s leadership, the company has made significant strides in improving its reputation and regaining customer trust.

Impact of Peyton Manning’s Partnership with Papa John’s on Both Brands

The partnership between Peyton Manning and Papa John’s has had a significant impact on both brands. For Papa John’s, Manning’s endorsement has helped to increase brand recognition and sales. According to a study by research firm YouGov, Papa John’s saw a significant increase in its brand perception after Manning became a spokesperson. The study found that Papa John’s score in terms of brand perception increased from 26 to 32 after Manning’s first commercial aired.

For Manning, his partnership with Papa John’s has helped to increase his visibility and popularity. Manning has always been known for his love of pizza, and his endorsement of Papa John’s has only reinforced this image. Additionally, Manning’s ownership of several Papa John’s franchises has helped to diversify his investment portfolio and increase his net worth.


In conclusion, Peyton Manning is not only a spokesperson for Papa John’s but also a co-owner of several franchises. Manning’s partnership with Papa John’s has been a lucrative one for both parties, helping to increase sales and brand recognition for the pizza chain and increasing Manning’s visibility and net worth. With the number of Papa John’s stores Manning owns, he is one of the largest franchisees in the United States, and his involvement with the brand is likely to continue to be a successful one.

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