Paper Claws Instructions

Paper Claws Instructions

How to Make Paper Claws
How to Make Paper Claws

Paper Claws Instructions

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Paper Claws Instructions

Step 1

Take a piece of normal printer paper. Notebook paper works just as well. Note: Make sure that the paper is unmarked and unfolded or the claw will be flimsy and won’t work as well.

Step 2

Take the top right corner of the sheet and fold it down so the top edge is lined up with the left edge.

Step 3

Take the top left corner (this should be the only top corner) and fold it down to the other side.

Step 4

Take the bottom portion of the paper and fold it back onto the top.

Step 5

Take the right corner and fold it across so that the edge lines up with the center of the folded sheet

Step 6

Take the previous fold and fold again on it self almost as if you were rolling it across

Step 7

Fold the claw over one last time.

Step 8

This step is tricky. Take the bottom point and tuck it into the fold that was made by the previous creases.

Step 9

Congrats. You did it! You now have a paper claw. Make five or even ten of them to cover both hands. CAUTION: Claws may be sharp. Take care not to scratch or poke yourself or others. Use at your own risk.

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