Tattoo Styles Comparison: Blackwork Tattoos vs. Shaded Blackwork Tattoos

Tattoo Styles Comparison: Blackwork Tattoos vs. Shaded Blackwork Tattoos

Tattoo shading tutorial (in depth)
Tattoo shading tutorial (in depth)

When considering what type of tattoo you want to get, it’s essential to do research on the various styles. Blackwork tattoos vs. shaded blackwork tattoos are two common styles. We will discuss the differences between these two popular styles to better help you decide which tattoo you want to get.

Blackwork Tattoos vs. Shaded Blackwork Tattoos

Our tattoo artists at Tattoo Consortium have years of experience designing many tattoos in these two popular styles. There are numerous benefits of these tattoo styles. It just depends on what overall look you are wanting to achieve with your ink.

Blackwork Tattoos

Many often confuse blackwork tattoos with tribal tattoos that are mostly influenced by traditional cultures and have a meaning behind the design. The differentiating factor between tribal and blackwork tattoos is cultural symbolism.

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This type of tattoo design style is a bold work of body art rendered in solid planes of black ink. Blackwork tattoos involve negative space, black ink and bold lines to create the final beautiful artwork. The shoulder blade, arm, chest and back are great tattoo placements for blackwork style. Sleeve and chest tattoos are the best highlights for blackwork tattoos.

Shaded Blackwork Tattoos

Shaded blackwork tattoos are a time-tested trend that never goes out of style. This tattoo design style has more longevity as compared to color tattoos. A shaded blackwork tattoo is also versatile because of the many options for style, level of detail and shading.

A shaded blackwork tattoo is typically used to create some type of 3D effect without using color. This type of tattoo is exceptionally suited for designs with strong line work.

Interested in a blackwork tattoo or a shaded blackwork tattoo? Contact Tattoo Consortium to schedule your appointment with us today!

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